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Rethinking the U.S.-Taiwan relationship


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The current US policy vis--vis Taiwan has been ineffective in countering Chinese aggression in the South China Sea and around Formosa. A policy revisit along the diplomatic, economic, and military levers of national power is necessary for the US to maintain its national security interests in the region and protect the democratic government in Taipei from force or coercion by the Peoples Republic of China (PRC). These changes to policy should be implemented to strengthen Taiwan economically via free trade with the US and encourage like-minded nations to increase their trade relationship; the US should provide increased military capability to Taiwan to enhance their Porcupine Strategy; if the Chinese government demonstrates an imminent military takeover of Taiwan, the US should immediately recognize Taiwanese independence and encourage other nations to do the same. Taken together, these policy recommendations aim to strengthen Taiwan against Chinas belligerent behavior and simultaneously demonstrate the commitment of the US government to support a bastion of democracy in the South China Sea.



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