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Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Training System (ORTos) for Improved Patient Compliance and Rehabilitation Monitoring in Lower Extremity Trauma


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This project aims to fabricate and clinically validate an effective, practical, reliable, and inexpensive biofeedback system that will provide information to patients undergoing Partial Weight Bearing (PWB) therapy to help them comply with load limitations and/orreach gait symmetry targets in post-PWB rehabilitation. The system to be used in this proposed study is the Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Training System (ORToS). During year 3 of the project, the ORToS system improvements and biofeedback software development were continued. Concurrently, engineering modifications were validated in healthy volunteers, and data analysis of archived data using Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods was initiated. Human subject protection was continued with the University of Utah IRB and the MRMC OHRP. Results and significant findings: a) data analysis identified that the longitudinal change in the number and the cadence of steps during the recovery period are more effective outcome predictors than the load-bearing prescription alone (the paper has been accepted for publication.) Analysis of the correlation between radiographic image-based assessment of recovery and the identified variables and the manuscript preparation are pending; b) The system hardware modifications improved the reliability, fabrication time, and cost of clinical devices. A no-cost extension for the project has been authorized, and the clinical study will be completed during the next year of the project.



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