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Contributing to Logistic Deterrence: A Mission for the Stand-in Force


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By design, the SIF is a concept for executing Operations, Activities, and Initiatives (OAIs) across the competition continuum. Below armed conflict, the SIF creates deterrence, which is effective when an adversary weighs its opponents efforts during competition and chooses not to enter armed conflict. Logistic deterrence is a critical component of an American strategic plan to signal U.S. resolve to posture and be ready for armed conflict. A unique capability to enable logistic deterrence resides within the contracting field. This paper argues that contracting professionals, such as contracting officers (KOs) and Operational Contract Support (OCS) advisors, enable logistic deterrence against China across all levels of war in the Indo-Pacific theater. Placing KOs at the tactical level allows logistic elements, specifically contracting professionals, to enhance the Joint Force Commanders (JFCs) capability to sustain operations in the WEZ. At the operational level, contracting professionals exercise host-nation mechanisms during times of competition to respond to activities during armed conflict. At the strategic level, contracting professionals contribution to setting the theater manifests strategic effects on the PRCs and U.S. partners decision-making by demonstrating Joint Force resolve and ability to perform logistics.



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