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Modernizing Public Diplomacy in the Information Age: A Case for Enhancing the U.S. Agency for Global Media


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The world has reentered a period of strategic competition featuring similarities to the geopolitical structure and great power struggle of the Cold War. As China pursues policies designed to undermine the dominance of American global leadership, the United States contemporaneously seeks to sustain the liberal international order it helped establish during and immediately following the Second World War. Over the past quarter-century, however, the United States has retreated from the leadership approach it employed during much of the second half of the twentieth century. In order to advance its strategic objectives, the United States must increase the employment and improve the coordination of the informational element of DIME. This can be achieved through more robust and effective public diplomacy for better alignment of U.S. messaging abroad in order to clarify the stakes of the strategic environment for the free world vis--vis China and other autocratic powers. As a step in that direction, this analysis proposes the reestablishment of an independent federal entity such as the former U.S. Information Agency, specifically through the enhancement of the U.S. Agency for Global Media.



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