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Evaluation of a Novel Therapy to Improve Recovery from Moderate Traumatic Brain Injury After Critical Care Air Transport Team (CCATT) Transport- Optimizing Advanced Point of Injury to En Route Care


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Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a major health issue that is particularly relevant in active duty populations. TBI is often associated with long-term disabilities; predominantly reduced learning and memory, as well as anxiety and executive function. Therapies to improve survival and long-term outcomes following TBI suffered on the battlefield are scarce. Strategies to both reduce brain injury and improve functional activity of the brain following TBI are critically important for the advancement of therapies from the bench to bedside. Consideration of war time TBI requires the understanding of the fact that TBI is often suffered in locations that require transport to optimal trauma centers (CCATT). In this proposal we use our recently developed mouse model of traumatic brain injury combined with CCATT to determine the effect of treatment with our novel Transient Receptor Potential M2 (TRPM2) inhibitor (tat-M2NX) on functional outcome after TBI CCATT.



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