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A Study to Determine if a Geriatric Ward Should be Established at Brooke General Hospital


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The study was an evaluation of the requirement for a separate treatment area for geriatric patients at Brooke General Hospital, Fort Sam Houston, Texas. In the approach to the study, research of pertinent literature was made. Tours were made of the main hospital and Beach Pavilion, Brooke General Hospital, and of two hospitals in San Antonio, Texas, having separate geriatric facilities. Interviews concerning the care of elderly patients were conducted with professional and administrative personnel. It was found that no requirement exists for separate facilities when the patient requires acute care. However, during the period of recuperation special consideration for the geriatric patient is indicated. The elderly patient requires more time to repair and desires to be with older patients. Physical rehabilitation, social services support, nutrition, spiritual guidance, and special nursing requirements are important considerations for the geriatric patient that indicated the need for a team approach. To insure that the geriatric patient receives maximum benefit from their hospital stay, it was recommended that a geriatric treatment area be established.



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