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A Study to Determine What Rehabilitation Services Are Needed to Support a Demonstration Stroke Care Unit at Saint Joseph Hospital


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The problem in this study was to determine what rehabilitation services should be provided at Saint Joseph Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas, to provide support for a demonstration stroke care unit. Through selected interviews and literature review, those rehabilitation services most often utilized in the care of the stroke patient were identified. An inventory was then made of the rehabilitation resources available both in the hospital and in the community. Finally, a study of the hospital's stroke patients determined which of these services are most likely to be needed by this particular patient population. It was determined that the services of medical direction, physical therapy, rehabilitation nursing, occupational therapy, speech therapy, social work, psychology, recreation, vocational counseling, and orthotics were those most often provided in a comprehensive rehabilitation program for the stroke patient. Physical therapy was the only rehabilitation service provided at the hospital. Sources providing a number of the other services were found to exist in the local community. In an effort to avoid unnecessary duplication of these scarce resources, it was concluded that the services of medical direction, physical therapy, occupational therapy, rehabilitation nursing, and social work should be provided at the hospital. The others, it was felt, could be adequately provided by sources outside of the hospital. Recommendations to that effect were made.



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