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A Study of Guidelines for a Self-Care Facility at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas


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The purpose of this study was to determine guidelines for the optimal utilization of a self-care facility at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas, Texas. A review of the literature revealed some of the distinguishing features of the self-care concept and also experiences which some hospitals have reported pertaining to the operation of such facilities. Research methods included research of the literature, patient surveys utilizing questionnaires prepared by nursing team leaders and physicians, and interviews. The conclusions of the study provided the required guidelines for a self-care facility at Presbyterian Hospital which were: (1) realistic and obtainable objectives; (2) valid admission criteria; (3) procedures for estimating the percentage of patients eligible for admission; (4) services which the hospital can adequately provide to meet the medical and nursing needs of self-care patients; (5) nurse staff patterns that would permit a considerable reduction in nursing personnel and consequently, of hospitalization costs; and (6) procedures which the hospital can employ to insure the required evaluation and control of a self-care facility. Recommendations were made that the hospital, prior to making plans for a self-care facility, conduct: (1) an extended survey of patients to determine more accurately the services and number of beds required; (2) studies to determine the optimal location, design, and equipping of a facility; and (3) a thorough staff orientation and in-service education program before implementing the concept of self-care.



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