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Impact of Transport Forces and Immobilization Practices on Patient Physiology: Evaluate Effect of Strapping Tension


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The goal of the study was to evaluate how litter strap tension affects patient biodynamics during transport. The hypothesis that strap tension has significant effects on transmitted vibration during transport was tested during three phases of testing. In Phase 1, standard tension practices were observed by having medics strap a manikin to a litter. This phase determined average litter strapping tension. Phase 2 consisted of test setup validation using an instrumented vibration manikin. The simulated patient manikin was tested on a ride simulation platform in several configurations while vibration data was collected. In Phase 3, data was collected using 25 human subject participants with varying body weights. The weight of each participant was between 102 and 275 pounds. The human subject participants were secured to a litter on the ride simulator and subjected to multiple vibration profiles. The level of strap tension did significantly affect the biodynamics of the supine patient. The effects of strap location and strap tension varied by segment because of the difference in strap proximity to and placement on each segment. Results from this project will provide significant information and strategies that can be used toward increasing patient safety, reducing discomfort, and developing vibration mitigation systems.



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