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Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials Consortium Clinical Research Site: University of Washington


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Purpose: Participate as an active and productive member of the Prostate Cancer Clinical Trial Consortium (PCCTC) throughout the funding period. Scope: This report summarizes total site activities for the University of Washington (UWash) for the funding period 30 Sep 2017 - 29 Sep 2022.Major Progress: UWash was the lead/co-lead site on 19 trials in which we participated during this funding period. Results: UWash accrued 359 patients to PCCTC trials, proposed 11 LOIs, and accrued 52 patients (14.5 percent) from a DAP. Significance: The PCCTC provides a mechanism for participation in early clinical development of novel agents and rapid testing of these agents for the treatment of prostate cancer. Many of the PCCTC trials have challenging entry criteria such as a biopsy of metastatic tissue or complicated pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics, and collection of correlative biomarkers. The PCCTC is well positioned to conduct such trials that might not be possible outside of sites that specialize in prostate cancer translational research. Shortening drug development time with better trial design, patient selection, and validation of biomarkers will bring new agents to prostate cancer patients faster, optimize treatment for the individual patient, and avoid treating others with ineffective therapies.



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