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RTCA Detect and Avoid Phase 2: Safety Risk Management Modeling and Simulation


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The objective of this modeling and simulation safety analysis was to support the Federal Aviation Administrations detect-and-avoid (DAA) Safety Risk Management Document (SRMD) and Technical Standard Order (TSO) by providing modeling and simulation results. The scope of the analysis, and the associated SRMD and TSO, was the RTCA SC-228 Phase 2 DAA minimum operational performance standards, and by extension, the command and control (C2) minimum aviation system performance standards. The key addition in Phase 2 was ground surveillance and the terminal environment. Three main analysis phases were performed: an integrated delay and C2 interruption sensitivity analysis in the terminal environment, a Ground Based Surveillance System (GBSS) sensor accuracy sensitivity analysis in the en route environment, and a comprehensive final safety analysis to provide data for the SRMD and TSO. The test cases for the final safety analysis were designed to represent the minimum performance of the DAA system, and may not necessarily reflect typical operating conditions. The C2 sensitivity analysis affirmed that the 3-second C2 interruption requirement in the C2 MASPS is acceptable for the DAA function. The GBSS sensitivity analysis indicated that the accuracy requirements in DO-365B result in reasonable performance. Lastly, the final safety runs provided key DAA performance information that will feed into the final safety evaluation to support the TSO and SRM.



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