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Investigation of Aircraft Electrical System Using General Electric 20M73B7 and Eclipse NEA-7 (1406-1-A) Generators in Parallel and Controlled by Eclipse 1042-9-A Voltage Regulators


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An electrical system consisting of the General Electric 2CM73B7 and the Eclipse NEA-7 (1406-1-A) generators in parallel using Eclipse 1042-9-1 regulators was investigated, in accordance with Project Directive TED No. NRL 31E33. Satisfactory parallel operation was demonstrated with the regulators adjusted on the generators used for the system, or on some other standard generator. It is recommended that the system be considered satisfactory for use on naval aircraft. However, the operation of the system would be improved, if the temperature compensation of the 1042-9-A regulator were improved. The operation of the single generator system using the General Electric 2CM73B7 generator with the Eclipse 1042-9-A regulator was also investigated. This regulator generator has satisfactory regulation and recovery time characteristics, but the temperature compensation of the regulator is very poor.



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