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Sensitivity and Accuracy Comparisons of DAU vs. DAJ Goniometers for DAJ-a Installations


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As a part of the modernization and re-conversion of the DAJ high frequency Naval Shore Direction Finding Stations, it was necessary to determine the most suitable goniometers to use in the new DAJ-a installations. The general types of measurements were made on a DAU goniometer, a set of four used DAJ goniometers from the Dupont Station and a set of four new DAJ goniometers from the factory. These tests were: (1) The effect of these goniometers on over-all sensitivity, and (2) the bearing error introduced by the goniometer themselves. A preliminary investigation was conducted to confirm the procedure used for measuring the sensitivities through balanced goniometer inputs by the use of the standard available unbalanced signal generators. From sensitivity considerations, it is immaterial whether the single wide-band DAU goniometer or the four individual DAJ goniometers are employed, provided the 330 ohm resistors, are removed from across the DAU stators. The appendix discusses theoretically and constructionally the building of the goniometer accuracy test rig designed for this problem. From accuracy considerations it seems advisable to recommend the use of the DAU wide-band goniometer in Bands 1, 2, and 3 and the DAO goniometer in Band 4. It was found that in Band 4 the octantal spacing error of the number 4 DAJ Adcock Array largely cancelled out the octantal error of the DAO goniometers.



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