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Assessing the Impact of Right Wing Extremist Organization Propaganda on Radicalization and Support for Domestic Political Violence among Individuals with Military Service


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This study investigated the factors associated with the appeal of right-wing extremist organizations (REOs) and domestic political violence among Americans with military experience. To understand the role of REO messaging and the unique contribution of military experience and risk factors for radicalization, the study fielded a survey experiment on sample of 843 American adults with military experience no longer serving (i.e., veterans) under the age of 65 and a matched sample of 820 American adults without military experience (total N=1,663). The survey includes questions to establish baseline support for REOs and the distribution of common risk factors including military and post-military experiences. The survey also measures the impact of different REO video appeals on support for REOs and political violence using non-military population as a control. Results find that support for REOs and political violence was statistically higher among veterans, and that veterans were more likely than nonveterans increase support for REOs and support for political violence after watching videos. The project also identified risk factors and vulnerable sub-populations among individuals with military service.



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