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Identification of Predictors for Clinical Outcomes in Femoroacetabular Impingement Surgery


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Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI) is a complex pre-arthritic hip disorder affecting an increasingnumber of military personnel and young active individuals in the general population. This disorder hascome to the forefront as the most common cause of hip pain, pre-arthritic hip dysfunction and eventualsecondary osteoarthritis (OA). FAI can restrict military personnel function during active duty, causelong-term disability, and increase the need for total hip replacement (THR) in our active duty, veteranand general populations. This disorder is characterized by structural deformities of the acetabulum andfemur that produce repetitive abutment (impingement) at the acetabular rim causing intra-articularsoft tissue injury (acetabular labrum and articular cartilage), progressive joint degeneration anddevelopment of secondary OA over time. FAI is currently the focus of intense interest directed atsurgical treatment to relieve pain, enhance function and potentially delay or prevent OA. Despite thesurge in diagnosis and enthusiasm for surgical interventions, there is a paucity of clinicalevidence to guide treatment. Our grant project specifically seeks to cover the FY2018 PRORP-CTRAsurgical care focus area of osteoarthritis. The overarching goal of the proposed investigations is toprovide novel clinical evidence to inform future surgical strategies for treating FAI, and improve theclinical outcomes of FAI surgery.



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