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Effects of a Powered Ankle-Foot Prosthesis and Device-Specific Physical Therapy on Function and Pain for Individuals Living withTransfemoral Limb Loss


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Lower limb prosthetic technology has evolved into advanced powered devices that can better replicate the gastroc-soleuscomplex for individuals with a lower extremity amputation. However, the current state of prosthetic research appears to favorthe evaluation of prosthetic componentry on gait mechanics and rarely incorporates any device-specific physical therapy (PT)program. This study proposes to measure the biomechanical and functional response of participants with transfemoralamputation (TFA) to an advanced prosthetic and rehabilitative intervention. This investigation is a multi-site, 8-week,randomized, clinical trial. Individuals living with TFA are fit with a powered ankle-foot prosthesis and randomized to receiveeither device-specific PT or the current standard of care. At baseline (utilizing their current passive prosthesis), and again 4-and 8-weeks later utilizing the powered device, all subjects undergo a full gait analysis, as well as functional, neurocognitive,cognitive, and pain assessments. Results from this investigation will drive prosthetic and PT prescriptions for use of powereddevices in this population.



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