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Atmospheric Intelligence for Hybrid Power Advancements: Volume 1 (Wind Impacts on Photovoltaic Power/Panel Temperature)


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Tactical and civilian work environments depend heavily on consistent and reliable electrical power. Integrating multiple power resources is a proactive solution for ensuring the continuity of electricity. Exploiting atmospheric intelligence can advance hybridized power optimization, which is in keeping with the current US Army Climate Strategy goals. In this study, solar fuel gleaned from photovoltaic (PV) technologies was investigated with a specific focus on how air flow impacts PV power production and how to best model one of PV powers key contributors, PV panel temperature. A summary of physical processes associated naturally occurring heat transfer validated the original windPV panel temperature observations. Finding a leanness of PV panel temperature models that include wind input cascaded into the development of a WSMR(White Sands Missile Range) PV panel temperature model. Model results were compared to measured PV panel temperatures then applied to a simulated 96-h tactical mission. The WSMR Model showed a reduction in battery requirements and mission cost. Recommendations conclude the report.



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