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A Walking Intervention to Improve Fatigue and Quality of Life in Lupus: A Randomized, Controlled Trial


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The objective of this project is to implement a simple pedometer-based walking intervention to improve fatigue andquality of life for individuals with lupus. The project addresses two aims: (1) Test the impact of the intervention onactivity levels of persons with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) using a randomized controlled trial design; and(2) Test the impact of the intervention on fatigue levels and other domains of quality of life, including physicalfunctioning, pain interference, depressive symptoms, cognitive symptoms, social functioning, and sleep disturbance.To date, we have achieved the first two major tasks from the SOW projected to be completed in the first 6 months ofthe project: IRB approval from both the local IRBs and HRPO, and development of the protocol, includinginterview protocol, manual of operations, all patient-facing materials, and construction of database for participantscreening, tracking, and entry of data. We have begun to recruit participants and have conducted 4 baselineassessments.



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