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Survey of Talent Requirements: Talents, Skills, and Abilities of Army Officers by Branch and Functional Area


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The U.S. Army's personnel management system is undergoing comprehensive reform. The U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences (ARI), in collaboration with the Office of Economic and Manpower Analysis (OEMA) and the Talent Management Task Force (TMTF), developed a job analytic questionnaire to identify the knowledge, skills, and behaviors required of officers in different branches and functional areas (B/FAs). Over 4,000 officers from 31 B/FAs completed the questionnaire and rated 21 talents on importance and 63 skills and abilities on frequency and importance in successfully performing their current jobs. Key talents, skills, and abilities (T/SAs) common to all B/FAs included those related to communication and cognition. Nearly all B/FA officers said being a Communicator, Interpersonal, Detail-Focused, Problem Solver, Multi-Tasker, Logical/Analytical, Project Manager, and Mentally Tough are very or extremely important talents to the current jobs. Critical skills and abilities included Oral Communication, Written Communication, Cooperation/Teamwork, Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Thinking, and Active Listening. T/SAs that focused on personal competence and professional expertise of officers varied by profession, with highly technical professions rating technical T/SAs relatively higher than other non-technical professions. Additional findings for each B/FA are provided. The results of this occupational analysis serve as a foundation to the Army's talent management Acquire, Employ, and Develop lines of efforts.



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