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Implementation of a Telebehavioral Health Program Evaluation Approach at Fort Hood Behavioral Health Clinics


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Background: In the current state, the military health system (MHS) telebehavioral health (TBH) program is not extensive enough to meet the needs of warfighters and beneficiaries. Standardized implementation of TBH services cannot be ensured without systematic organizational program evaluation. A standardized program evaluation approach allows for consistent evaluation and maximizes access to quality healthcare. This will contribute to better health, improved outcomes, and ultimately, increased warfighter readiness. Clinical Question: At Fort Hood clinics providing TBH, how does the implementation of a comprehensive program evaluation approach objectively capture data to ensure care aligns with the highest quality standards? Design: A program evaluation of the Fort Hood TBH program. Analysis and Results: Descriptive statistics were used to assess TBH program adherence. A 23-item approach was developed and implemented with criteria categorized into three main domains: organization, technology, and provider. Items were not met, partially met, or met and assigned a score of 0, 1, or 2, respectively. Seven out-patient behavioral health clinics participated in the TBH program evaluation approach and interviews were conducted with each clinic chief. To evaluate TBH program performance, data was aggregated and scored based on the percentage of met criteria. For the program evaluation approach domains, 6 percent of criteria were met for organization, 47 percent for technology, and 29 percent for the provider. The average clinic score, accounting for all three domains, was 49 percent. Organizational Impact: The demand for TBH services continues to persist despite the option to return to face-to-face encounters. This project introduced a new, summative program evaluation approach that promotes the standardization, sustainment, and scalability of TBH services.



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