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Guidelines for Modelling and Simulation (M and S) Use Risk Identification, Analysis, and Mitigation

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M and S use risk is recognized as a critical component to M and S assessment and use. Despite the consensus in the M and S community on the importance of this topic, there are no accepted methods available for qualification or quantification of M and S use risk that account for project-specific M and S requirements and constraints. The primary objective of NATO Modelling and Simulation Group (NMSG) 139 was the assessment of methodologies that would support Modelling and Simulation (M and S) use risk identification, management, and mitigation. Effective management of risk requires both identification of the risk and a means by which to balance investments to mitigate them. Suchan evaluation is made based on an assessment of the likelihood of the realization of the risk and the impact of that realization. When the risks are identified and assessed, mitigation strategies can be developed. The M and S Use Risk Methodology (MURM) was identified early on as a framework that addressed the identification, management, and mitigation of risk. This document reports the results of MSG-139 efforts with a specific focus on the formalization and application of the MURM.



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