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Benchmarks in Multidisciplinary Optimization and Design for Affordable Military Vehicles

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The task group objectives were to develop documentation standards for multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO) bench marks and to apply those standards to a number of MDO problems to forma repository to facilitate future research. The driving principal behind the standards was to develop standards that would provide a researcher the necessary information to understand and implement the vehicle optimization performed in a benchmark problem. Specifically, the goals of the standards were to: Describe pertinent aspects of MDO problem; Contain enough information to duplicate MDO results; and Document the technical and financial improvement by using MDO in design relative to a traditional design process. The documentation standards were developed and refined over the course of the AVT-237 effort, edited and approved by the entire AVT-237 team, and used to document several MDO benchmark problems. Science Connect was used as a repository for corresponding computer models, files, supporting documents, etc., to provide future researchers with the information necessary to reproduce the benchmark results.



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