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Differences in Shear Bond Strength Between Resin Composite and Glass Ionomers in the Open Sandwich Technique Using Different Generations of the Adhesives


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Purpose: The aim of this study was to measure shear bond strength between composite and two glass ionomers using three different adhesive systems used between the glass ionomer and composite layers. The purpose was to determine what combinations will be most successful when applied to the open sandwich technique of restoring posterior teeth. Methods: 108 samples were prepared for this study. Maxitemp was first placed into sample rings. Three wells were made into the Maxitemp of each ring using a round lab bur. Fifty-four wells were filled with Fuji II RMGI and cured and fifty-four wells were filled with Fuji IX GI and allowed to set. The samples were then polished with a Buehler Automet 3 Powerhead and Ecomet 6 variable speed polisher. After polishing, the two groups were separated into 3 additional groups per glass ionomer. One of three different adhesive systems was used per group. The three adhesive systems were Optibond Solo Plus, Clearfil SE Bond, and Scotchbond Universal. Filtek Supreme CR buttons were then applied to the surfaces of the glass ionomer/bonding agent using and Ultradent jig and cured. This created six different combinations with 18 samples per combination. The samples were then placed into a saline solution for 24 hours. After 24 hours the samples were tested with an MTS universal testing machine to test their shear bond strength. Results: The results were 7.8 MPa for Fuji II, Optibond Solo Plus, Filtek Supreme group; 9.2 MPa for Fuji II, Clearfil SE Bond, Filtek Supreme; 10.8 MPa for Fuji II, Scotchbond Universal, Filtek Supreme; 5.2 MPa for Fuji IX, Optibond Solo Plus, Filtek Supreme; 6.5 MPa for Fuji IX, Clearfil SE Bond, Filtek Supreme; and 5.6 MPa for Fuji IX, Scotchbond Universal, Filtek Supreme. Conclusion: There was a statistically significant difference in the mean shear bond strength of Fuji II compared to Fuji IX when bonded to composite resin.



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