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Selecting a Cone Beam System for Your Dental Office


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ABSTRACT: Objective: To assess and compare the image quality of four CBCT systems for their clinical practicality using a quality assurance (QA) phantom, and to aid in the decision-making process by providing objective choices for the selection of an appropriate platform based on speciality-specifics. Methods: The four CBCT systems evaluated were: Carestream CS 9300, KAVO Kerr i-CAT FLX, Morita Accuitomo 80 and Planmeca ProMax Max. All CBCT volumes were imaged with the QUART DVT_KP phantom. QA parameters such as Nyquist Frequency (NF), contrast, noise, contrast-to-noise ratio (CNR), and homogeneity and noise were assessed. QA data were statistically analyzed using one-way ANOVAs and Tukey-Kramer HSD post hoc tests (alpha = 0.05). Results: Carestream CS 9300 had the highest contrast (p < 0.0001) for the small, medium, and large fields of view (FOV) in comparison with the other CBCT systems, but also had the greatest level of noise for the small and large FOVs. For the small and medium FOVs (e.g., < 10 cm diameter x 10 cm height), Morita Accuitomo 80 had the lowest noise (p < 0.0001) than the other three CBCT systems. NF was determined to be inversely related to voxel size; a smaller voxel results in a higher NF, and a larger voxel results in a lower NF. A similar relationship exists between noise and FOV; low noise is asociated with a larger FOV, whereas high noise is asociated with a smaller FOV. A linear relationship was observed between FOV and CNR. CNR differences in small FOV for the four CBCT systems evaluted were not statistically significant. Conclusions: No single CBCT system excelled on all QA parameters evaluated. High contrast may be more desirable for endodontic evaluation, but low noise is preferential for 3D model fabrication, and consistency in homogeneity may be more desireable when assessing bone quality. Therefore, selection of a CBCT system is imaging task dependent.



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