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Defense Science Board Task Force on Homeland Air Defense


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The Defense Science Board Task Force on Homeland Air Defense (HAD) was tasked with assessing the science, technology, capability, system, and operational vectors necessary to defend the U.S. homeland from air and missile threats in an increasingly aggressive security environment. Strategic competitors and adversaries are acquiring the capabilities to hold targets at risk, posing a threat to American lives, economic interests, and critical infrastructure. The 2022 National Defense Strategy identifies defense of the homeland as the DoDs top priority, necessitating a reassessment of U.S. air defense capabilities to ensure the ability to deter, defeat, and recover from air and missile threats all while remaining below the nuclear threshold. Following its fact finding, this task force proposed both short- and long-term solutions to meet the homeland air defense challenge. The former are recommendations for using existing capabilities to protect critical targets. The latter is a framework for a future adaptable, scalable, and affordable HAD capability to guide R and D and acquisition plans. Adopting these recommendations will better position the DoD to deter against and, if necessary, defeat airborne threats to the U.S. homeland.



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