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Toxic Leadership Recovery


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All leaders can learn from historical cases and leadership change models when preparing to assume command of an organization that has suffered from toxic leadership. Once, the leader identifies the need for change, he or she can begin to enable a unit to recover from toxic leadership with the help of history and change theory models. Historical references provide ideas, methods, and examples of how the formidable task of course correcting an organization over a short time frame is obtainable. A list of common themes that leaders should consider emerges, and should be considered by all leaders wanting to better their units. This list is a list of what to do, not how to do it. After studying change theory and the practical application of change within an organization, it is apparent that there are common practices. These reoccurring themes are: build a coalition of influential people from within the organization and assess a vision for the future, develop a plan to achieve your vision and share that plan with everyone, empower subordinate and enable them to make changes, build trust across the organization, create visible and tangible successes in order to keep the change momentum going.



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