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Impending Global Energy Crisis: Revisiting a New Nuclear Solution


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Humanitys increasing energy demands are outpacing industrys current and future capacity to support them, stemming from both increasing energy requirements per capita and a steadily rising world population. These factors have resulted in assessed depletion timelines for fossil fuels being in as little as 53 years. While official attention has focused on such alternatives as solar and wind power, a grass roots movements towards a new nuclear energy has arisen, centered on the molten salt reactor (MSR). The MSR cycles the fuel and coolant together in a liquid form, presenting profound advantages over traditional nuclear power plants regarding efficiency, safety, proliferation resistance, and reduced radioactive waste. This fluid fuel reactor has flexible fueling options. The most compelling option was its ability to be fueled exclusively by Thorium, a radioactive element that is four times more abundant than Uranium. Thorium, along with the liquid reactor technology, has the potential to be a much more abundant, safe, and economic global energy source than both Uranium and fossil fuels. The U.S. should aggressively pursue research and development into small modular liquid nuclear power reactors to help meet the worlds energy needs and maintain itself as a global leader in energy innovation



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