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High Water Speed: An Investment in Our Operational Future


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A complementary operational/strategic surface, amphibious, forcible-entry capability will strengthen the Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) and ensure the Marine Corps fulfills its Title X responsibilities while retaining both tactical and strategic influence. In light of the benefits already derived from the MV-22, a complementary operational/strategic surface amphibious forcible entry capability is a necessary and cost-effective investment for the Marine Corps. This recommendation becomes clear from an examination of both improved competitor capabilities and Special Purpose (SP) MAGTF operations in the current operating environment. Such an examination must also address the following areas: defining forcible entry, identifying competitor capabilities, assessing the benefit for SP MAGTF operations, exploring how new amphibious forcible-entry capabilities can be applied to the current operating environment, and determining whether an operational/strategic surface amphibious forcible entry capability is both technically feasible and cost effective. At the same time, however, the MV-22 offers new opportunities. With its range and speed, the MV-22 has proven to be a game changer for the Marine Corps, allowing Navy ships to operate from outside the A2/AD envelope and facilitating operational and strategic actions like land-based SP MAGTFs.



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