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Impulse Assessment of the ComTac (trademark) III Hearing Defender Headset and the Combat Arms (trademark) Generation 4.0 Earplug


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This technical memorandum describes the IPIL testing conducted on a combined configuration that included the CAE Gen. 4.0 Earplug and the ComTac (trademark) III Headset. Testing included two test modes for the CAE Gen. 4.0: open and closed, and two test modes for the ComTac (trademark) III: passive and active. In all occluded conditions, the CAE Gen. 4.0 was in situ. Testing was completed in accordance with the ANSI standard S12.42-2010. All device samples were tested at the nominal levels of 160 and 170 decibel peak (dBP, re: 20 micropascal). A total of five samples were fitted to an acoustic test fixture two times each for a total of 10 trials per test level in all test modes. No samples of either HPD were rejected. Results suggest that the ComTac (trademark) III, when functioning properly and fitted in combination with the CAE Gen. 4.0 in the open mode can adequately protect the user from impulses below 176.0 dBP in the passive and 176.1 the active modes. The ComTac (trademark) III worn with the CAE Gen. 4.0 in the closed mode can adequately protect the user from impulses below 180.0 dBP in both the passive and the active modes.



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