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Financial Management: Profile of DOD Comptroller/CFO Financial Managers


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This is the first of several planned reports focused on DOD's financial management workforce. Our objectives for this body of work include (1) identifying the qualifications, including formal education, training, and professional certifications, and professional work experience, of personnel serving in key financial management positions for major organizations within the Department, (2) comparing these qualifications to equivalent positions in state governments and the private sector, and (3) identifying steps DOD has taken and any additional opportunities that exist to enhance the qualifications of this workforce to meet the tasks outlined above. This report contains information on the first objective by presenting the information we obtained through biographies and profile instruments completed by key financial management staff in your office. We did not verify the accuracy of this information. We used profile instruments because the specific qualification and experience information above was not available in personnel databases and individual personnel records. To complete our work under the first objective, we also plan to issue individual reports to the Departments of the Air Force, Army, and Navy and to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) on the data we are collecting on financial management staff in key positions in each of those organizations. We believe these reports can help the Department begin to develop plans to enhance qualifications, including education and training requirements, as necessary. Our final report in this series will discuss the qualifications of personnel serving in key financial management positions across DOD and compare the results to the qualifications of equivalent positions in private sector companies and large state governments. We will also identify those steps DOD has taken and others it should consider implementing to enhance its financial management workforce to fully meet the objectives of the CFO Act.



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