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Haiti: Costs of U.S. Programs and Activities Since the 1991 Military Coup


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Father Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Haitis first democratically elected president, was overthrown by a military coup on September 30,199l. In October 1991, President Bush (1) suspended all direct U.S. assistance to Haiti, (2) blocked the export of all arms and ammunition to the Haitian police and military, (3) signed an executive order freezing all U.S.-held assets of the Haitian government and prohibiting U.S. citizens and companies from executing financial transfers to the de facto authorities in Haiti, and (4) issued an executive order strengthening U.S. support of the Organization of American States (OAS) trade embargo against Haiti. The State Department also ordered all non-essential U.S. government personnel to depart Haiti. In November 1991, the Agency for International Development (AID) reactivated direct feeding and health programs, and the Department of Defense (DOD) began setting up camps at the U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo for interdicted Haitians. In February 1992, the de facto Haitian regime agreed to accept an o and United Nations (UN)civilian observer mission to assist in the restoration of democratic constitutional order and to monitor human rights conditions. A reduced AID mission staff began returning to Haiti in spring 1992 to reactivate a limited humanitarisn assistance program.



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