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Haiti Reconstruction: U.S. Efforts Have Begun, Expanded Oversight Still to Be Implemented


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The U.S. government plans to allocate about $918 million of the $1.14 billion in supplemental Haiti reconstruction funds available through the end of fiscal year 2012 to USAID and State. USAID and State plan to allocate $770 million and $148 million, respectively, to projects in three geographic regions of Haiti, selected for their development potential, and four key sectors: (1) infrastructure and energy; (2) governance and rule of law; (3) health and other basic services; and (4) food and economic security. About half of the total funding is intended for infrastructure and energy projects and an additional third is for governance and rule-of-law programs. State and USAID reported they had obligated over $184.3 million, or about 20 percent of the funding, as of March 2011. USAID provided most of this amount to fulfill the U.S. government's pledge of $120 million to the multidonor Haiti Reconstruction Fund. State and USAID reported that they obligated most of the remaining $64.3 million to a small number of bilateral activities, including projects to restore basic government functions.



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