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Defense Management: Defense-Wide Working Capital Fund Agencies Apply Most Key Operating Principles but Should Improve Pricing Transparency


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As DOD continues to focus its resources on improving military readiness and modernizing its forces, it seeks to minimize costs associated with its business operations. DFAS, DISA, and DLA are financed through the Defense Wide Working Capital Fund (DWWCF). Collectively, they provide shared services and goods to their customers, including finance and accounting services; information technology services; and fuel provision and inventory management. Senate Report 115-262, accompanying a bill for the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019, includes a provision that GAO evaluate the activities DWWCF agencies fund through overhead charges and fees collected from customers. This report evaluates the extent to which DFAS, DISA, and DLA (1) have a process for setting rates to recover costs and provide transparent pricing to customers and (2) clearly delineate roles and responsibilities, measure performance, and assess resource requirements and customer needs. GAO reviewed relevant sections of DOD's Financial Management Regulation and agency documentation and interviewed officials from DFAS, DISA, and DLA and the military departments in comparing the agencies management practices to the key operating principles for effective management of working capital funds.



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