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Federal Supply Chains Opportunities to Improve the Management of Climate-Related Risks


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The federal government obligated about $445 billion in fiscal year 2014 for goods and services such as disaster response products and telecommunications. Agencies with missions that depend on the secure and efficient transit of goods and services have had their supply chains disrupted by weather-related events, such as Superstorm Sandy. According to the National Climate Assessment, the severity and frequency of such events is expected to increase. Agencies developed adaptation plans in response to executive orders and implementing guidance issued by CEQ, which coordinates federal environmental efforts. GAO was asked to review climate-related risks to federal supply chains. This report examines (1) the extent to which selected federal agencies have identified climate-related risks to their critical supply chains, (2) the extent to which they have identified and implemented actions to manage these risks, and (3) what is known about the federal government's fiscal exposure to such risks. GAO reviewed executive orders; surveyed 24 agencies selected because they account for over 98 percent of federal contract obligations; analyzed their adaptation plans; and interviewed officials from 5 of these agencies selected because of mission and other factors.



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