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Developing Assessments to Improve the Selection and Assignment of Enlisted Aides


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At the request of the Army Enlisted Aide Program, the U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences (ARI) empirically examined their personnel selection and assignment procedures. The Army Enlisted Aide Program uses an application packet, which includes a resume, previous performance evaluations, and recommendation letters, and interviews to select Enlisted Aides who serve as a personal staff to assist General Officers (GOs). The main function of the position is to assist GOs with tasks that would otherwise prevent GOs from focusing on their primary official duties and responsibilities. The goal of this project was to provide supplemental candidate information that could help the selection committee and GOs select the most qualified Enlisted Aide to a GOs personal staff. As part of this effort, three assessment tools were developed that could supplement the current selection process. We developed and refined interview questions that assess 12 knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) that are critical at entry into the position. We also developed a performance measure composed of 13 critical areas of performance and an overall effectiveness rating to help evaluate Enlisted Aides on critical tasks for successful performance. Validation of a personality measure was not conducted due to small sample size. This research provided valuable tools including interview questions to supplement the current selection process and performance rating scales that can also be used in future validation research.



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