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Military Education: Reporting Requirements on Air Force Enlisted Personnel Attending Officer Training


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The primary purpose of professional military education is to develop military personnel throughout their careers to support the intellectual demands of complex contingencies and major conflicts. The military services provide professional military education at their respective staff and war colleges. Each service educates service members in their core competencies according to service needs. Air Force colleges, for example, primarily teach air and space warfare. Similarly, Army, Navy, and Marine Corps colleges focus on land, maritime, and expeditionary warfare, respectively. The Air Force Chief Master Sergeant Leadership Course educates approximately 750 Chief Master Sergeants a year. It is the highest level of enlisted professional military in-residence learning curriculum designed to bridge students' perspectives from operational to the strategic level. The Air Force's Air War College annually educates approximately 250 in-residence senior military officers and civilian students at Maxwell Air Force Base to serve as critical and strategic thinkers and as national security senior leaders. One of its key tasks is to prepare officers to lead at the strategic level across the range of military operations, in joint, interagency, and multinational environments. The Air War College in-residence courses develop cross-domain mastery of air, space, and cyberspace and their strategic contributions to national security and advances innovative thought on national security issues.



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