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Department of Defense: Further Actions Are Needed to Effectively Address Business Management Problems and Overcome Key Business Transformation Challenges


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Although senior DOD leaders have shown commitment to transformation as evidenced by key initiatives such as human capital reform, the Business Management Modernization Program, and the Financial Improvement Initiative, little tangible evidence of improvement has been seen in DODs business operations. Overhauling the business operations of one of the largest and most complex organizations in the world represents a huge management challenge, especially given the increased demands on our military forces. However, this challenge can be met if DOD employs key elements, such as a comprehensive and integrated business transformation plan. Six DOD program areas are on GAOs high-risk list, and the department shares responsibility for three other governmentwide high-risk areas. Substantial weaknesses in DOD business operations adversely affect its ability to provide timely, reliable management information for DOD and Congress to use in making informed decisions. Further, the lack of adequate transparency and appropriate accountability across all of DODs major business areas results in billions of dollars annually in wasted resources in a time of increasing fiscal challenges.



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