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Creating a More Sustainable Building by Choosing the Right Maintenance Program: A Look Into Predictive Maintenance vs Preventive Maintenance


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Building equipment failure can have drastic effects on a company's operations and budget. This paper presents two types of maintenance approaches that if done effectively, can prevent or significantly reduce the failure of building equipment assets. The first is traditional time-based preventive maintenance (PM), which conducts prefailure inspections and tasks in a cyclic time-based approach. The second, is predictive maintenance (PdM), which conducts maintenance functions based on the condition of the equipment found through continuous or cyclic measurements and analysis during machine operation. The purpose of investigating these maintenance approaches is to determine whether we can improve on the U.S. Navy's (Navy) existing facility maintenance program, helping to reduce overall costs while improving sustainability, equipment resiliency, and efficiency. By presenting each maintenance program and leveraging today's technologies we show that these advancements in technology can directly improve the Navy's operational mission and warfighter readiness. Research was conducted through the following methods: books, third party reports, journal articles, industry websites and articles that focus on equipment maintenance. The Navy, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the University of Washington provided case studies, existing facility/utility maintenance data, and budget information used in this research. The results show that PdM approaches using advanced analytics are more effective in diagnosing equipment, prescribing equipment problems, and predicting equipment failure. It will also show that when a PdM model is used, building tenants have less operational impacts as equipment operates longer with less downtime between maintenance events. By changing to a PdM program, facility managers and owners can improve asset efficiency and resilience, directly improving environmental sustainability and lowering overall long term costs.



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