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Navy Shipbuilding: Policy Changes Needed to Improve the Post-Delivery Process and Ship Quality


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The U.S. Navy spends at least $18 billion per year on shipbuilding - a portion of which is spent after ships are delivered. During the post-delivery period - after delivery from the shipbuilder and before the ships enter the fleet - Navy ships undergo a variety of tests, trials, and construction. GAO was asked to assess the post-delivery period, including quality and completeness of ships when they are delivered to the fleet. The Senate Report on the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017 included additional questions about ship status after delivery. This report assesses the extent to which the Navy (1) provides complete and quality ships to the fleet, (2) has a ship delivery policy that supports those efforts, and (3) reports ship quality and completeness to Congress. GAO reviewed a nongeneralizable sample of eight Navy ships, six of which have entered the fleet and two that recently began the post-delivery period. GAO reviewed program documentation and interviewed Navy officials.



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