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Aviation Decision Making and Situation Awareness Study: Decision Making Literature Review


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We review the most prominent models of decision making from the Human Factors and Naturalistic Decision Making (NDM) research communities that are relevant to Future Vertical Lift (FVL) aviation. For each model reviewed, we briefly summarize implications for methods and measures for evaluating decision making and the impact of new technologies on individual and team decision making. The decision-making models we reviewed contribute important perspectives, methods, and measures for evaluating the effect of new technologies on decision making for both individuals and teams. Most particularly, all of the decision-making models we reviewed emphasize the importance of examining decision making under realistic conditions that reflect the challenges that arise in the real-world situations of interest. Many of the models have made methodological contributions to the design and conduct of studies evaluating decision making. Most particularly, they have emphasized the need to create study conditions (e.g., through design of evaluation scenarios) that allow important aspects of decision making to be observed and measured. Many of the models have also stimulated new measures to use in evaluating decision making. The best documented and most widely used set of new measures have come out of the literature on situation awareness, but other models of decision making have led to additional new measures as well.



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