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DoD Business Systems Modernization: Billions Continue to Be Invested with Inadequate Management Oversight and Accountability


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Despite its significant investment in business systems, the Department of Defense (DOD) continues to have long-standing financial and inventory management problems that prevent it from producing reliable and timely information for making decisions and for accurately reporting on its billions of dollars of inventory. GAO was asked to (1) identify DODs fiscal year 2004 estimated funding for its business systems, (2) determine if DOD has effective control and accountability over its business systems investments, and (3) determine whether selected business systems will help resolve some of DODs long-standing problems and whether they are being effectively managed. GAO makes four recommendations to DOD, including the following: (1) develop a standard business system definition and system repository and (2) have reasonable assurance that all weaknesses associated with the two case study systemsBSM and LMPhave been resolved prior to further deployments. GAO also proposes four matters for congressional consideration, including the following: establish management control, accountability, and oversight of business system funding with DODs functional areasreferred to as domains. DOD agreed with GAOs four recommendations to DOD, but disagreed with two of the matters for congressional consideration.



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