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Fiscal Year 2019 Antideficiency Act Reports Compilation


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Agencies that violate the Antideficiency Act must report the violation to the President and Congress and transmit a copy of the report to the Comptroller General at the same time. 31 U.S.C. 1351, 1517(b). The report must contain all relevant facts and a statement of actions taken.Since fiscal year 2005, GAO, in its role as repository for the Antideficiency Act reports that agencies submit, has produced and publicly released an annual compilation of summaries of the reports. We base the summaries on unaudited information extracted from the agency reports. Each summary includes a brief description of the violation and of remedial actions agencies report that they have taken. We also include copies of the agencies transmittal letters. We post the summaries and the agency transmittal letters on our public web site. In some cases, the agencies also sent us additional materials to accompany their transmittal letters. We will make these additional materials available to Members and their staffs upon request. Please find enclosed the compilation of summaries of the nine Antideficiency Act violation reports and agency transmittal letters submitted to GAO in fiscal year 2019. GAO has not opined on the violations reported or the remedial actions taken.



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