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Defense Health Care: DOD Should Demonstrate How Its Plan to Transfer the Administration of Military Treatment Facilities Will Improve Efficiency


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In fiscal year 2017, DOD provided health care to 9.4 million beneficiaries, including servicemembers, retirees, and their families at a cost of $43 billion. For more than a decade, partially in response to congressional mandates, DOD has worked to address inefficiencies in the Military Health System to control costs. To further achieve efficiencies, the NDAA for Fiscal Year 2017 required DOD to develop an implementation plan that addressed four elements related to transferring the administration of the MTFs to the DHA. DOD issued the plan in June 2018. The NDAA also included a provision for GAO to review the plan. GAO determined whether (1) DOD's plan included the statutory elements related to the transfer of administration of the MTFs to the DHA and (2) additional information would be useful to demonstrate that the plan will reduce or better manage duplication and improve efficiencies. GAO assessed DOD's plan against the required elements and, where appropriate, considered the extent to which the plan provided detailed information related to key change management practices identified in past GAO work.



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