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Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Current Jurisdictional, Property, and Privacy Legal Issues Regarding the Commercial and Recreational Use of Drones Appendices 1-4

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The FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018, Public Law No. 115-524, provided for GAO to study and report on a number of key legal issues relating to the ongoing integration of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) - commonly known as drones - into the national airspace system. Section 373 of the 2018 Reauthorization Act provided for us to study the relative roles and authorities of the federal, state, local, and tribal governments in the regulation and oversight of low-altitude UAS operations (referred to in this report as "UAS jurisdiction" or "UAS federalism" issues). Section 358 of the 2018 Reauthorization Act provided for us to study UAS-related personal privacy issues and the federal, state, and local laws that currently address them (referred to in this report as "UAS privacy" issues). Our report responding to these mandates is presented in multiple parts: a correspondence summarizing key aspects of our analysis and six appendices providing more detailed analysis. This document contains the appendices; our correspondence is presented in an accompanying document.



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