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The 1777 Campaign: A Historical Wargame of the American Revolution


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The campaign of 1777 was a turning point in the American Revolution and set the strategic conditions necessary for the American Colonies to gain their independence. The campaign had two theaters, one centered along the Hudson River and the other around Philadelphia. A study of these two theaters shows the importance of aligning tactical and operational actions to strategic objectives and the obstacles that can frustrate that alignment. The campaign also showcases the importance of lines of communication within an expeditionary army. That tether becomes a critical vulnerability to a force reliant on external support to maintain itself. This thesis provides a historical understanding and rationale for the modeling decisions made in the development of the wargame. Players will assume the role one of the Department Commanders within the campaign: Washington and Gates for the Continental side, and Howe and Burgoyne for the British. Players will gain an understanding of the historical context of the campaign, the decisions the commanders faced, and the opportunity to make decisions within the framework of U.S. Army doctrine.



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