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Tests on Photo-Elastic Investigation of Turret Openings in Deck Structure


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Studies of the stress distribution surrounding turret openings in a battleship deck have been made by the photo-elastic method for three conditions of loading, with the openings free of any support, with the openings blocked by the turret structure, and with the openings reinforced by the addition of a barbette. The turret structure increases the maximum shear in the deck slightly without changing the general shear pattern; it decreases the maximum tension by about 25 per cent, but adds about 6 per cent to the total tension in the deck. The barbette structure shifts the region of maximum shear in the deck from the center line of the turrets to regions about 30 degrees fore and aft of the center line with no important changes of maximum shear or tension values. Hatch openings as studied should be shifted about the width of the openings toward the center line of the ship where they will not be weak points in the deck structure. Colored photographs of the different types of stress field maps are presented to support the observations and conclusions.



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