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Final Report of the Defense Science Board (DSB) Task Force on Gaming, Exercising, Modeling, and Simulation. Executive Summary


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GEMS technologies and capabilities have improved greatly as developments in computing power, graphics, and other enablers have accelerated. However, the pockets of GEMS excellence developed by the DoD have become isolated over time and now often lack the necessary resources to support the DoDs mission in an era of great power competition. Increased use of GEMS will be necessary to ensure that the DoD is able to meet future challenges in training, systems development, acquisition, training, deterrence, and warfighting. Accomplishing this will require both cultural and policy changes throughout the Department. This report illustrates the importance of GEMS tools and capabilities for the Departments future success and offers a series of recommendations that, if implemented, will set the Department on the right path. I endorse the recommendations in this report and encourage all the relevant parties in the Department to begin implementing them. The benefits from doing so will be significant and extremely valuable to our ability to deter and, if necessary, fight and win wars against strategic competitors.



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