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Low-Cost, High-Throughput 3D Pulmonary Imaging Using Hyperpolarized Propane Gas


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This report covers the first year of this three-year project. During the indicated period of performance, we have focused our activities on two specific aims. With regards to Aim no. 1 (to develop a clinical low-cost and high-throughput device for production and administration of HP propane contrast agent for ultimate research use in volunteers), we have designed the proposed device and have been testing this device. With respect to Aim no. 2 (To develop a safe method for HP propane gas administration and utilization, and test the purity and safety of the HP contrast agent produced by our device) we have been primarily focusing on developing approaches and testing the quality of the produced gas in the context of reaction completeness. While the progress of working on all aims of this project has been substantially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, we could not make any progress towards Aim no. 3 (To assess the feasibility of MRI using HP propane gas for in vivo functional imaging of normal lungs and in a bleomycin-induced COPD model in sheep) primarily because the required instrumentation (0.35 T MRI) installation process could not be completed due to the pandemic restrictions. We expect to make substantially more progress towards all three aims of the project in the next year after the pandemic-related restrictions have been largely lifted and both performance sites have been re-opened.



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