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Understanding Superacid Interaction on Semiconductor/Oxide Interfaces for Mobility Enhancement in THz Applications


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The goal of this project is to understand the Superacid (TFSI) Interactions on Semiconductor/Oxide Interfaces for Mobility Enhancement in THz Applications. We have successfully implemented the superacid treatment methods and applied them on different materials and devices including InAs fin field effect transistors, TiO2 thin film transistors, InAs/MoS2 heterojunction as well as MoS2 metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors, GaN high electron mobility transistors. We have studied the interactions between superacid and MoS2/ZrO2, between superacid and InAs/ZrO2 interface, between superacid and InAs/MoS2 interface, between superacid and TiO2/ZrO2, between superacid and GaN/ZrO2. We applied material characterization techniques (X-ray Photoelectron spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, Photoluminescence spectroscopy, etc) to evaluate material and interface properties. We performed C~V and I~V characterizations to examine the electrical properties after interactions with SA. It is found that superacid plays a key role in enhancing the performances of these devices including MoS2, InAs, TiO2 transistors. (1) For MoS2 transistors, TFSI treatment can effectively improve the electron mobility and gate controllability of ML MoS2 transistors; (2) For InAs transistors, the interfacial oxide at the InAs/ZrO2 interface was effectively reduced after TFSI treatment due to strong protonating nature of SA solution; (3) For TiO2 transistors, SA treatment was found to enhance the on-current by nearly 2x; (4) For GaN transistors, SA treatment was found to slightly enhance the GaN transistors performance; (5) For InAs/MoS2 interface, the rectifying ratio of the pn junction between InAs/MoS2 is enhanced by superacid treatment. Our future work will be developing the superacid treatment process and incorporate the method into various transistors technology for THz applications.



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