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On-demand Stiffness Selectivity for Morphing Systems


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The main accomplishment of this effort were: i) the establishment of an analytical model allowing the efficient design of bistable elements to control the stiffness of selective compliance structures; ii) establishing optimization criteria to leverage the stiffness selectivity provided by embeddable bistable elements for morphing applications; iii) to establish a design tool based on optimization for generating morphing wing topologies with inherent stiffness selectivity; iv) Demonstrating with wind tunnel tests that validity of the approach and the stability of selective stiffness morphing structures under aerodynamic loads; v) establishing two new bioinspired methodologies for morphing structures; the spring origami theory inspired by the Earwig wing and the reversible shape memory effect based on misfit pre-stress seen in the Venus fly trap; and vi) training five different graduate students aiding in translating state of the art morphing methods into industry. During this efforts performance period, we have published 7 journal papers and 12 peer reviewed conference papers (please see details in section 4Publications). Our published work received several awards as detailed in section 3 Honors and Awards. In additions, one of the supported students, David M. Boston, spent a summer working at Wright-Patterson Base at the RT directorate under the supervision of Drs. Jeff Bauer and Richard Beblo.



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